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Where Are You?

 Help us find these friends!

Here is a list of names for whom we have NO INFORMATION.  Please help us track them down for our upcoming reunion.  If you have any leads or ideas, email them to me (flynntyrrell@gmail.com), or post ideas for finding them on the discussion board.

Any information will help!

Hilda Anderson

Jane Addington Clay

Henry Coleman Dozier

Cecile Marion Forbes

Deborah Lee Ginn

Deborah Joann Hunter

Julie English Irwin

Robert Lee Jones

James Katz

Victoria "Vicki" Knight

Belinda Aileen Koester

George Paul Kustos

Mack Breedin Lewis, Jr.

Anne Lomason

William Burroughs Provo

Linda Louise Roberts

Sharron Lee Schwefel

Mary Kathleen "Katie" Seigle

Cheryl Frances Stanley

Frederic Earl "Steve" Stevens III


Honoring Mr. Rumble

I know that Mr. Rumble affected our lives and outlooks and education more than most principals could ever hope to influence the lives of their students.   As a principal myself (retired!), I don't want Mr. Rumble to be forgotten.  I'd like to float the idea of perhaps commissioning a portrait to hang in Sutton Middle School with a short identifying placque or something.  I'd like it to be from our class.  I think 1968 was such a defining year in history.  In 2013, we'll have a 45 year reunion, and I envision dedicating and unveiling it then.  Bob Musselman did a great job researching and writing a brief and touching bio of this fine, but forgotten educator. [See "Old Doug" forum] What are your thoughts?

Click here to respond.  We'll include this thought thread in the "Old Doug" forum! 

A Night To Remember
Saturday, August 17, 2013

at Bennett and Gayle Hutchison's
home in Vinings
The reunion weekend was awesome!  A low key, casual gathering in one of the most beautiful settings in the South.  And our gracious hosts, Bennett and Gayle Hutchison made it even better with food from the Varsity on Friday night and a barbeque buffet from Low Country on Saturday night! Cathy and Carroll outdid themselves working right up to the last minute to iron out all the details and provide nametags in LARGE print with our yearbook photos!   And  Johnny Thurman was working at Bennett's house for days before and during both nights of the reunion! He did the entire slide show and all the music.   We can't wait to see the  photos he took both nights!



Jim Gibson

Our dear friend, Jim Gibson passed away.   Please post your memories, photos, and thoughts on the the discussion.  Here is a message from Jim's daughter, Jennifer regarding services for Jim:

Hello. I'm Jim Gibson's daughter. My dad's wife, Ann, told me about the Dykes 1968 online network,  and that people were posting some very nice things in memory of my dad. It's comforting to see that people remember my dad fondly. Please let everyone know how much we appreciate the support. It's been a rough couple of days, but every little bit helps.

The service details are as follows:

This Sunday, July 15, from 2 to 4 p.m. at Ravinia across from Perimeter Mall in Atlanta. The address is Two Ravinia Dr. Suite 100 Atlanta, Ga. 30346. It will be held in the Grand Dining Room. There will be a short service where people can offer their memories about my dad as well as a gathering where guests can mingle and have some snacks and drinks (tea and soda only).

If you have any questions, contact me or my dad's wife Ann. My email is jlg8780@gmail.com or you can contact me through the Dykes '68 site. I assume people already know how to contact Ann.

Thanks so much for your support. I think my dad would be shocked to know how many people really do care about him.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Skip Forsberg writes:

The memorial was something Jimmy would have been proud of. A great series of recollections by old friends who loved him, his music and corny pictures that were reminders of his corny jokes. Got a lot of reminders of our time together at Dykes to add to the memories of all the great times we had together. Treasured memories. Hope there's a Dunk 'n Dine in Heaven so Jimmy and Tommy can have Texas breakfast specials with Steve, Johnny and me every morning.

July 15, 2012


Terry Greer ('67) Passes Away

Terry Greer ('67) Passes Away
posted by Brian Fitzgerald
     Terry Greer passed away Sunday,  Dec. 7, 2014 from a long illness of 7 years.  He had Multiple Systems Atrophy.  My older brother Bruce and I visited with Terry on Friday and he was mentally alert.  He knew who we were and was able to respond with a yes or no using one or two fingers.   Sorry to see him go.  He was a good person that will be missed by many of us.

Alva writes:
The service is tomorrow, December 9 at 11 at Mt Vernon Towers in Sandy Springs.
  Please post your comments and memories below in the forum.




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Thank you Dykes Family!

Dear Dykes family,

     It has been 3 years since George received his new heart and he is doing very well.  He is an inspiration to me and so many others. His faith has brought him face to face with His Maker and smiled.  He has been able to pursue his passion for auto mechanics--he buys and sells old Volvo's and and fixes them up for resale. He is enjoying life.

     We know that many of you have anonomously contributed to a fund Susan Oglesby set up for us to travel to Ireland in…


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Moody Miles for Ireland

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Charlie Philips

When I first met Charlie, Glenn and Charlie were sharing an attic bedroom together in their parents house. Glenn and I were in 11th grade and Charlie was attending Ogelthorpe College. Charlie was the kind of big brother I would have liked to have had. He advised us in all matters both large and small, including how to dress (desert boots, jeans and army surplus jackets), what constituted good music, the inimitable Bruce Hampton, life after high school, finance, and drugs, alcohol and…


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